Limpopo Province travel information

Limpopo Province of South Africa

Limpopo facts in brief

Limpopo Province Map
  • Capital: Polokwane
  • Area: 119606 kmĀ² (9,8% of South Africa)
  • Population: 5 439 600
  • Languages: Sotho, Tsonga, Venda
  • Place to visit: Waterberg biosphere
  • Age Dependency Ratio: 4,8
  • Life Expectancy: 62,7 years
  • Literacy: 61,7%
  • GGP: R9 076 million (3,7% GDP) GGP/Capita:R2133
  • Human Development Index: 0,4

10 Things to see or do in Limpopo Province

1 Tropic Of Capricorn A giant steel structure outside Polokwane marks the southernmost point of the tropics.
2 Mopane Worms Limpopo's delicacy. Mopane Worms, also known as amasonja, are available throughout the province.
3 Ancient Game In Mapungubwe Hill tourists can play the board game maruba- except that here, the board is engraved on the hill.
4 Messina Nature Reserve Over 100 baobab trees, Some are believed to be more than 1000 years old.
5 Mopane Bush Lodge Close to Mapungubwe National Park, the lodge offers excellent accommodation and three-course meals.
6 Hunting with the dogs Modern technology gives tourists opportunity to track the endangered African wild dogs as they search for prey at De Beers Venetia-Limpopo Nature Reserve
7 Shashe/Limpopo Confluence Standing on the tree bridge overlooking the Shashe and Limpopo Rivers, one can see both Zimbabwe and Botswana.
8 Sand River Gneiss Located 10km outside Musina on the Tshipise road, the sand river gneiss are believed to be the oldest exposed rocks in the world, dating back more than 3.8 billion years.
9 Crocodile Farm The farm close to Mopane Bush Lodge offers tourists a chance to see these man-eating reptiles up close.
10 Baobabwe Peace Trail You can walk through a trail of baobabs, marulas, rain trees, leadwoods and mopanes.

Limpopo Top Attractions

Valley of the Olifants This great fruit bearing river valley is an access point to the Kruger Park, via the picturesque Abel Erasmus Pass.

Haenertsburg a pretty village in the misty Magoebaskloof mountains near Tzaneen, famous for its flowering azaleas and cherry trees.

The Soutpansberg a densely forested and beautiful mountain range, not far from the Limpopo River, offering many nature reserves, hiking trails and splendid scenery.

The Waterberg mountains, a relatively undiscovered haven in the bushveld, popular among nature lovers, hunters and wildlife enthusiasts.

Wild Dog

Limpopo, until recently known as the Northern Province. Named after the great Limpopo River that flows along its northern border, this province is rich in wildlife, spectacular scenery and a wealth of historical and cultural treasures. The Great North Road from Pretoria was first carved by the creaking wheels of ox wagons. Today, when you follow the footsteps of the Voortrekkers, you'll travel on fast, safe roads and enjoy every modern amenity as you go. Known as the Great North, the Limpopo province is land of legend. Ruins and relics abounds in ancient forests, sparkling trout waters, hot mineral springs and waterfalls. Much of it has remained unchanged for centuries, offering unlimited opportunities for the enjoyment of untamed Africa. Limpopo is home to ancient lands and pre-historic secrets. This is home to Modjadji, the fabled Rain Queen, the Stone Age and Iron age relics of and the treasures of Mapungubwe that date back to time immemorial.