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Namibia draws the visitors back time again with its vast open landscapes baked in constant sunshine, abundance of wildlife and intriguing diversity of cultures. Although larger than France and the United Kingdom combined, the country has the population of only 1.6 mln, one of the lowest densities in the world.

This combination allows the visitor to experience a unique blend of adventure , tranquility and unconditional and direct encounter with nature. The most fascinating is the Namib Desert, believed to be the oldest in the world with it's incredible orange dunes built by the wind to the height of more than 100 meters. Start by driving through the desert across the "moon landscape" to Sandwich Lagoon, where pink flamingos soar above golden dunes.

Than move to the coastal towns and enjoy the old colonial charm of Swakopmund and the beautiful lagoon of Walvis Bay, or head back to nature at Cape Cross, where a breeding colony of thousand seals thrives. The wildlife and the National Parks with the most famous - Etosha are breathtaking. In the dry season when the earth seems to shimmer with mirages, the waterholes in the park are like open-air theaters with casts of thousands.

Zebra, wildebeest and gemsbok drink to the trumpeting of elephants and roaring of lions. The cultural diversity of this country is amazing - from the sophisticated 21st century life back to Sun or Himba tribes, who still live like thousands years ago and paint the bodies with the brown mud instead of wearing the clothes. For the adventurous there are bungee jumps over the desert, camel treks, quad biking from the highest dune in the world, desert candle light dinners and many more


Top Attractions in Namibia

Springbok Etosha National Park Etosha zebra Etosha National Park Zebras in Etosha Oryx nara Dune 45 Sossusvlei Dunes Quad biking in Swakopmundh Dune 45 Zebras in Etosha